is an effective way of calculating and rerporting production.
Metallurgical acconting does not have to be complicated, theoretical or IT intensive.
Spreadsheet reporting systems are unreliable, difficult to audit and cumbersome to distribute.

MillReport combines the best of both worlds by using:
  • Standard spreadsheet approach
  • Modern internet technologies
  • Expert understanding of metallurgical accounting
  • Practical understanding of operational requirements


MillReport offers the following benefits over traditional approaches and other alternatives:
  • User friendly operation
  • Simple installation
  • Full depth of features
  • Modern platform
  • Instant reports available anywhere
  • Historical data stored safely
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Auditable
  • Secure


Experts are available to support MetReport whereever and whenever you need them:
  • Training
  • Installation
  • New users
  • New reports
  • Audits
  • Data backup or restores
  • Flowsheet changes
  • Work flow changes